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Wellness is the process of living a physically and mentally healthy and fulfilling life. For those of you who are lucky, wellness is simply a choice that starts with awareness and action and continues to evolve with time.



Living in the Silicon Valley, there is often a pressure and perhaps even a cultural expectation to give a lot of time and dedication to our careers. We believe in doing the same for our own wellness: giving time to eat healthy, exercise daily, and live more balanced lives….and to keep learning how to do this more effectively with time.

Dr Nangia acknowledge that in his life, when they reached their peak level of fitness they often had coaches. Both of them have been significantly inspired by the Beachbody trainer and coach, Shawn T, the producer of the popular Insanity program, and they have joined the beach body community of coaches, who work to inspire and educate each other on ways of furthering their fitness careers, similar to how we often make efforts to further our work careers.

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