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Medication Support

Perhaps you’ve been having problems with aversive emotions such as feeling down or anxious or problems with relationships or self esteem, more than you think is warranted or feel comfortable with. This experience of getting stuck with some of these emotions, attitudes or relationship problems is probably painful and discouraging. We can help.

Our center is different from others because we specialize in providing evidence-based approaches and can help you from a variety of ways. Why evidence-based? Well, I’m sure you may know of friends or family members who got treatment from a practioner only to find the treatment was ineffective, perhaps even after years of trying different things. Over the past several years multiple evidence-based approaches have arisen. We only provide those with strong evidence of being successful for what you need help with.

Dr Nangia does not have any financial ties with pharmaceutical companies and is a trained therapist in CBT and DBT, along with him being a mindfulness practitioner.

You will have access to working with a specialist in using medications for these types of problems and who really gets to know you well and can better direct you when psychotherapy strategies may better help a particular issue. You also will have a provider that understands and uses alternative treatments, at least those which have evidence behind it. Dr Nangia uses medications in a conservative manner and make sure you are aware of the risks and alternative options before you start.