Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Dr Nangia accepts and is on the plan for several insurance companies. Please contact us for more information and to see if he accepts your insurance carrier.

Fees are conistent with other health professionals in the area. Please call us for more information.

We accept cash, credit card/ATM cards, or checks.

Dr. Nangia provides evaluation and medication management, including use of alternative treatment strategies for various mental health conditions. Duration of treatment depends on the individual and can be discussed further in session.

Integrative treatment allows you to recover with less time while addressing multiple parts of your life. You will receive care from a highly-trained specialist in therapy, medication management, and alternative treatments.
You will see a compassionate provider who listens and cares and puts together an individualized treatment plan for you, and work in accordance to YOUR goals.

Of course. Actually, this is a common scenario. You may continue to see your current therapist while working with Dr Nangia, where your therapist and Dr. Nangia can collaborate to further improve your care.

You may contact us by clicking below or you can call us directly at (408) 357-0105.