What We Believe:


For many who suffer from mental conditions, life can be so painful or even unbearable, that wellness feels like it is not an option. The mission of SJIWC is to provide guidance in helping individuals escape the claws of mental illness through various treatment strategies, AND to embrace wellness.

Dr. Nangia provides a thorough evaluation and helps clients integrate various research-supported treatment strategies to help clients recover from mental illness, often including referrals to local community providers who can work well in conjunction with him. He specializes in medication support along with alternative treatment strategies, and is a trained psychotherapist.

While working to combat mental illness, he works in conjunction on wellness, which is emphasized throughout treatment. He believes the real target of any treatment should be wellness; that simply responding to medications and therapy is not enough, since many people could still have symptoms such as occasional panic attacks, nightmares, and not feel they have a fulfilling life.

The San Jose Integrative Wellness Center can help you reach your maximum potential and find balance in your life.



We believe everyone should have access to high quality evidence-based mental health treatment, and we pride ourselves on having a clinic that accepts most insurance plans and has a short wait-time for appointments.

About Us

Manuj Nangia

Founder & Psychiatrist

Dr. Nangia served as Medical Director at Good Samaritan Hospital, Behavioral Health Outpatient Services between 2016-2018. Dr Nangia also served as voluntary faculty at Stanford School of Medicine from 2012 to 2014, and has been trained under and taught with leaders in the field including David Burns for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Bob Stahl for Mindfulness training.

He is currently pursuing his passion in improving mental health care to the public sector and serves as a Board Member for Momentum for Mental Health, the largest private non-profit provider of mental health in Santa Clara County, an organization which serves the underserved and uninsured population. He is also a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and serves as physician staff for Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose.

Dr. Nangia specializes in the evaluation and treatment of various mental health conditions with medication and alternative treatments. He is also a practicing therapist and fitness advocate, although currently he only provides medication management and helps oversee the overall treatment plan for his clients.

From his own struggles of battling depression, along with his research and clinical experience over the years, Dr. Nangia has become a firm believer in integrative care, a treatment approach that focuses on the health, nutritional, behavioral, cognitive and social aspects of one’s life. Accordingly, he often refers and collaborates with other practitioners in the community when helping his clients put together holistic, integrative treatment programs.

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