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About Us:

We believe the real target of any treatment should be wellness; that simply responding to medications and therapy is not enough, since many people could still have symptoms such as persistent mild depression, low motivation or energy, and feel they do not have a fulfilling life. We can help you find joy and find balance in your life.

What We Specialize In

We specialize in mental health and addiction medicine, using medication, psychotherapy, and alternative treatments, using an individualized holistic and integrative approach.


About Us

ManujNangiaManuj Nangia, MD, MPH
Medical Director of San Jose Integrative Wellness Center
Staff Physician – Good Samaritan Hospital
Member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine
Member of the Clinical TMS Society
Diplomat of the American Psychiatric Association

Dr. Nangia is a board-certified psychiatrist and is on staff at Good Samaritan Hospital.  Previously, he has served as outpatient director of Behavioral Health and as Adjunct Clinical Faculty at Stanford and currently teaches through Yale University’s School of Medicine.  His current mission is to provide the highest quality and accessible care in the fields of mental health while helping to break the stigma.

He is passionate in providing integrative treatment and now offers Transmagnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment, a novel treatment with minimal side effects that has significant data to support its effectiveness for resistant depression, and is being studied for several other indications**.

Dr. Nangia has suffered himself from severe depression in the past and knows what it is like to receive services as a client and how challenging it is to receive top quality care through insurance.  His own recovery necessitated an integrative holistic path, and he strives to provide individualistic compassionate high quality care at a clinic that is accessible.

Dr. Nangia gives back to the community and throws a Red Carpet Charity Event annually to benefit local community mental health services.  The Red Carpet Charity has raised over $50,000 over the past 3 years which has been donated to Momentum for Mental Health, the largest private non-profit mental health provider in our county.   Currently, the Red Carpet Charity is collaborating with the Sean Brock Foundation which has been serving families of fallen Veteran heroes, to aid in them supporting mental health and addiction services to Vets.

**For those who qualify per FDA criteria

Administrative Staff
Erika Pereira
Clinic Manager

Erika has been dedicated to keeping this office running for the past 3 years and has been the foundation for it’s success.  She brings her heart and enthusiasm to work daily.

Julie Plott
Office Consultant

Julie has been a part of SJIWC for many years and has contributed her wisdom in running the office efficiently and smoothly.  We are lucky to have her wisdom and expertise.






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